How to Upload An Animation Gif to Deviantart

Your decision to upload an animation gif to Deviantart is a great choice because it will get you a lot exposure.

However don’t you wish there was a faster way to create an animation gif without having to spend so much time in Photoshop.

Well there is a faster way to get the job done. In this tutorial, I will show you how to quickly convert your video into an animated gif, and then upload it correctly to Deviantart.

Step 1: Find your Animated Video


Now in order to upload an animation gif to Deviantart, you will need to find your video.

Now go to a site called I really like this site because it enables me to create an animation gif in less than a minute.

Step 2: Convert your Video to an Animation Gif

When you reach the site, you will click the “Video 2 Gif” button. This button will enable you to convert your video file into an animated gif.

Select the video that you want to convert, and then press the open button. This action will load your video to the EZGif website.


After your video has finished uploading, you will scroll down and set the screen resolution to whatever size that you want.

I personally decided not change the resolution because the original video was 600 x 450 pixels. This is a good size for an animation gif that you want to share with your friends.

After you have set the resolution, you will need to click the “Convert 2 Gif” button.


After the file conversion, you will now click the save button. The icon will look like an old hard disk from the 90’s.


Step 3: Create your DeviantArt Animation Gif Thumbnail


The next step is to create the thumbnail for this animation. The recommend gif thumbnail size in Deviantart is 150 x 150 pixels. So to create the thumbnail, you will need to resize the animation gif by clicking the resize button.


After you have clicked the button, you will change the new width and height to 150 X 150 pixels. Once you have changed the resolution, click the blue “Resize it” button.

After you have resized the gif, you will need to click the save button. You should now have the original gif, and the thumbnail gif from your animated video. It’s time to go to Deviantart!!


Step 4: Upload an Animation Gif to Deviantart


When you reach the site, you will need to sign into your profile. After you log in, you will click the submit button. Once the submission page loads up, you will click the upload button.


Now you will need to first upload the animation gif that has the larger resolution. After you have finished uploading it, you will click the pencil icon that is in the submission page.

This pencil icon will enable you to change the preview image for this animation gif.

So I want you to click on the pencil, and then select change preview image. This will bring up the upload box once again.

However, this time you will upload the gif thumbnail. After the gif thumbnail has been uploaded, you should see a small moving preview of your animation.


The next step is to now add the titles, tags, and description for this artwork. Finally it is now time to place your gif into the correct category.

Click on digital art, and then press the animation category. This means that your animation gif will be seen by people who are actively looking for animations.

Now press the submit button, and you are done.


Congratulations on learning how to upload your animation gif to Deviantart. If you enjoyed this tutorial, please share this article with your friends.

If you know of a faster method for uploading a gif to Deviantart, please write it down in the comment box below.

Also make sure to remember that you can ask me any questions concerning this tutorial by contacting me through the contact page. 

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