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My Story

Hi. My name is Ian Maigua. I am Dallas based Freelance Animator and Illustrator.

My journey to becoming an animator began when I first inserted the Lion King movie into my vhs player.

As I watched this movie, I became inspired to tell my own stories through the art form known as animation.

I started spending my time reading some animation tutorial books such as the Illusion of Life, and the Animator’s Survival Guide.

These animation books really helped me to build the foundation that I needed to start strengthening my animation skills.

As I was improving my animation skills, I noticed that there was a huge demand for easy to understand animation tutorials on social media.

This is because many of my online peers wanted to find tutorials that showed them how to create their own animated films.

I knew that I could easily help them reach this goal by showing the techniques that I learned as an animator.

This need for easy to understand animation tutorials is what motivated me to open Ian Maigua Pictures in 2015.

Since then I have created many animation tutorials that have helped many animators to improve their animation skills.

My ultimate goal for this site is that you use these techniques to tell awesome stories through the art of animation.

Why Choose Ian Maigua Pictures ?

In this site, you will learn the animation principles that were passed down by the great animators known as the Nine Old men. Learning how to use these animation principles has been the key to helping me to successfully create my animations.

Since I want you to succeed in your animation journey as well, I have purposely designed each tutorial to follow these three simple principles.

Principle 1: Easy to Understand

Guess what? The animation industry is filled with jargon such as slow in, timing, squash and stretch, and etc. In this blog, I will personally make sure to teach you what these principles mean in a way that is easy to understand.

Principle 2: Step by Step Tutorials

In this blog, you will notice that the tutorials have been designed to follow a step by step approach. I like teaching people with this style because it enables me to teach these animation concepts in a way that is easy for anyone to follow along.

Principle 3: Tutorials Based On Your Needs

I made this blog to help you boost your animation skills. This is the reason I why I choose to create tutorials that are based on the requests of my subscribers. To send me your suggestions, just use the contact form.

Thanks For Checking My About Me Page