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Ian Maigua Pictures is your helpful resource for learning how to animate cartoons. In this blog, you will learn step by step animation techniques that will improve your animation skills. Take a look at the blog, and begin your journey to becoming a professional animator today.


Learn how to animate your cartoons today by checking out my animation tutorials.

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About Me

Discover the reason why I created this animation blog in the first place?

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Ian Maigua

2D Animator and Illustrator

I created Ian Maigua Pictures as a place where I can show you all the skills that I have learned as an animator.

As an animator and teacher, I will teach you these animation concepts in a way that is simple to understand.

My approach to teaching these animation principles in a simple manner will enable you to use them in your animated movies.

My ultimate goal for you is that you use these techniques to tell awesome stories through the art of animation.

The 3 Benefits Of Using My Animation Tutorials

Easy to


Each tutorial is designed to teach you these animation principles in way that is easy to understand.

Step by Step


I will provide you with in-depth step by step tutorials that will show you how to use these techniques in your films.

Tutorials Based on

Your Needs

The tutorials on this blog are based on the requests that are given to me by my subscribers.

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